Pink marble Gift Wrap
Pink marble Gift Wrap marbled-decorative-papers-1024x683_1



“Marbled” or “à la cuve” decoration comes from a long tradition since the sixteenth century. This technique, which requires great skill and precision, reached its apex of development in Italy.

A basin is filled with a gelatinous, vegetable-base liquid, which is then surface sprayed with different colors. While the colors float on the surface the craftsman, using combs or wooden rods, creates images by moving the colors so that they spread and blend together on the surface of this liquid.

When the pattern is completed, the papers are gently placed on the surface of the liquid without disturbing the design. Only a few seconds are necessary for the paper to absorb the colors and the decoration is completed.

The great skill lies is being able to reproduce the same pattern for serial production.


Size: 50x70cm

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